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What exactly is testosterone chlorodehydromethyl turinabol?

An uncommon oral anabolic steroid is turinabol. It was initially developed in the late 1960s with state funding from East Germany to provide their athletes a competitive edge over other teams at the Olympics.

What distinguishes Turinabol from comparable products?

Turinabol, a Dianabol derivative, was developed to duplicate its remarkable effects on muscle growth without causing water retention like its forerunner. Additionally, it is thought to have a reduced risk profile than comparable goods.

What potential side effects are there, and how can I avoid them?

One should be aware of a number of negative effects when using an anabolic steroid. The most important one is any potential liver injury. However, the danger of this can be reduced by taking vitamin E supplements and limiting cycles to no more than 8 weeks. Another potential concern is high blood pressure, which can be decreased by consuming 4 grammes of fish oil daily. Concerning hair loss can also be avoided almost entirely by employing shampoo that blocks DHT and safeguards follicles.

What kind of cycle is it?

A 7-week cycle is suggested for beginners. Turinabol will be taken in doses of 40 milligrammes each day. The cycle length can be extended to 8 weeks for intermediate and advanced users who have not had any problems with high blood pressure or raised liver enzymes. When taking Turinabol, women should follow a 5-week cycle and take 5 mg every day.

How does post-cycle therapy work?

Since it takes the medicine four to seven days to completely exit your body after your final dose, PCT should start four to seven days after your last dose. For the first 20 days, users should start with 1000IU of HCG every other day. Additionally, 50 mg of clomid every day should be taken for the full 30 days. Nolvadex 40 mg/day can also be added for improved recovery. Users can add 4 grammes of fish oil per day to their diets to help with joint pain and high blood pressure.

What food or drink should I pair with turinabol chlorodehydromethytestosterone?

Turi can increase predicted weight loss / muscle gain in kg when combined with a number of steroid chemicals. For this, Trenbolone or a long ester testosterone (Cypionate or Enanthate) is advised. Start with 20 mg/day of Turi and 300 mg/week of testosterone for an 8-week cycle. You can raise the testosterone over the final four weeks up to 450mg/week. Users should combine roughly 150mg/week of Trenbolone with 20mg/day of Turinabol for an 8-week cycle that includes Trenbolone. You are allowed to up your Turi dosage to 30mg per day for the final 4 weeks of this cycle.

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