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Masteron Propionate: What is it?

Masteron Anabolic steroid drostanolone propionate is also referred to as "Masteron" and is the short ester form of the drug, which increases its potency.

What distinguishes Masteron Propionate from other goods?

The faster-acting of the two, Masteron - Drostanolone propionate, is the other being enanthate. This implies that if you use drostanolone propionate, you will reach peak blood-serum levels more faster and have an accelerated rate of results. In general, masteron functions as an anti-estrogen substance.

What potential side effects are there, and how can I avoid them?

In order to maintain healthy joints while using drostanolone propionate, it's critical to stay hydrated and consume about 4 grammes of fish oil daily. And even though it's a mild steroid, it still has the potential to interfere with your body's natural testosterone synthesis. This implies that correct PCT must be followed. Additionally, you can experience hair loss, but this can be prevented by using shampoo that blocks DHT to keep your follicles safe from the compound's escalation.

What kind of cycle is it?

You should dose around three times each week since this version of drostanolone has a shorter ester. Beginners should start with an 8-week cycle and dose at about 300mg each week. You can increase this to 400–500mg/week for intermediate and experienced users. You can extend the cycle length for users who are acclimated to its effects up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

How does post-cycle therapy work?

A moderate PCT should be plenty for such a weak steroid. Since the steroid will have completely left your body by the time you begin your PCT, you should begin it 5–7 days following your last dose. Start your PCT by taking 50mg/day of Clomid for 35 days, followed by 20 days of taking 1500IU of HCG every two to three days. Maintaining a healthy diet can also aid in restoring your testosterone production to the level it was prior to your cycle.

What should I ingest while taking Masteron Propionate?

To improve projected weight loss / muscle gain, combine Master Prop with Testosterone or Anavar. It is advised to use a propionate ester or suspension while cycling it with testosterone. You'll need to take 300 mg of Masteron and 300-400 mg of testosterone per week, spread out across 2-3 dosages, for an 8–10 week cycle. Drostanolone Propionate 300 mg/week and Anavar 15-20 mg/day for 10 weeks should produce the desired outcomes during a cutting cycle. During the final two weeks, you can additionally increase the Masteron dosage to 400mg each week.

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