Buy YK11 PharmaQO 60caps/5mg in Europe. €50.00
Buy YK11 PharmaQO 60caps/5mg in Europe. €50.00

YK11 PharmaQO 60caps/5mg

60 caps / 5mg



     Let's have a little conversation about the possible advantages of YK-11, a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM):

    Muscle Growth: It is well documented that YK-11 can encourage noticeable increases in muscle mass. It functions by attaching itself to androgen receptors in the body, particularly those found in muscle tissue, and like conventional anabolic steroids, it can promote muscular growth.
    Strengthening: When utilising YK-11, users frequently report feeling stronger. This may result in more effective workouts and enhanced gym performance.
    Bone Health: YK-11 may benefit bone health, similar to other SARMS. It might contribute to an increase in bone density, which is advantageous for skeletal strength in general.

    Minimal Side Effects: In comparison to conventional steroids, YK-11 is thought to have fewer androgenic side effects, such as a lower chance of hair loss, prostate problems, and female virilization. It's crucial to remember that long-term impacts have not been thoroughly researched.
    Selective Action: YK-11 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), which means that it mainly affects bone and muscle tissue. It is believed that this selectivity lowers the possibility of unfavourable side effects on the body's other tissues and organs.
    Oral Administration: YK-11 is more convenient than various injectable steroids because it is usually administered orally. Injections and needles are not a problem for users.
    Recovery: According to some users, YK-11 may speed up the healing process after a rigorous workout, hence minimising discomfort in the muscles and minimising rest periods.

   It's critical to keep in mind that regulatory organisations such as the FDA have not approved the use of YK-11 or other SARMS in humans. There is little data on their safety and long-term effects, and they might have dangers and adverse effects. It's important to speak with a healthcare provider before using YK-11 or   any SARM, particularly if you have any underlying medical ailments or concerns. Additionally, in order to reduce hazards, it is imperative to follow prescribed dosages and cycles.

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