Buy RAD 140 - PharmaQO in Europe. €100.00
Buy RAD 140 - PharmaQO in Europe. €100.00

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Testolone, also referred to as RAD 140, is a highly effective SARM for building lean muscle mass.

A relatively newcomer to the field of SARMS, testosterone (RAD140) is intended to provide a spike in benefits similar to those of testosterone without the negative side effects usually connected with the use of anabolic steroids. It is a strong substitute for testosterone replacement therapy because of this feature. Essentially, it has been shown that RAD140 interacts with tissues' hormone receptors in a manner that is comparable to that of high testosterone dosages. It has also shown better anabolic and strengthening effects than testosterone.
Prospective Recipients

    Testolone is beneficial for people who have low testosterone as a result of medical issues or past anabolic steroid abuse (RAD140).
    With RAD140, bodybuilders may maintain strength and muscle mass while transitioning between anabolic steroid cycles without having to worry about suppressing or damaging their HPTA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes Axis).
    Instead of using anabolic steroids, people looking to maximise performance while minimising potential side effects should choose RAD140 to prevent shutdown and negative health impacts.
    RAD140 is a good option for people who are sensitive to gynecomastia or bloating because it provides a testosterone-like feeling without the possibility of estrogenic side effects.
Clinical Research

Although Phase I clinical trials for RAD140 are still ongoing, preliminary results show improved muscle volume, strength, speed, endurance, and stamina in athletes, especially those with low testosterone levels. Furthermore, RAD140 exhibits anti-catabolic qualities that may aid in preventing muscular atrophy.

Adverse Reactions

Studies on RAD140 have so far revealed little adverse effects; no problems with progesterone, oestrogen, or prolactin have been noted. Since this is a relatively new molecule, suppression seems to be less dramatic than with testosterone, but it's still important to monitor user experiences.
 RAD140 Rough Life

According to research, testosterone has a half-life of roughly 24 hours. This suggests that in order to keep the body's levels of the compound at their ideal levels during a cycle, RAD140 should be taken once daily.

RAD140 Cycle Length and Dosage

A dosage of 5 mg to 30 mg per day is advised for an 8-week cycle. According to clinical research, a 5 mg dose may have an 80–90% efficacy ratio compared to a 30 mg dose. Thus, if real RAD140 is taken, a daily dosage of 10 mg can produce notable effects with little adverse effects.

It is not suggested to go longer than 10 weeks in a cycle in order to prevent the need for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). It is usually not necessary to use a PCT if taking 5 mg for 8 weeks.

PCT Testolone

Contrary to popular assumption, a PCT is usually not necessary for testosterone (RAD140). After the cycle, a few weeks of natural healing are usually enough. Although RAD140 does cause some suppression, it is not as bad as with certain other drugs, such as S23.

In most cases, a PCT is not essential if prescribed dosages, cycle durations, and high-quality RAD140 are followed.

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